10 Frequently Asked Questions About Casinos and Gambling Online

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Casinos and Gambling Online

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Casinos and Gambling Online


Here is a list of 10 frequently asked questions about casinos and gambling online that players often ask. We have compiled a list of these questions to help you understand this industry better.


Q: Should I use my real personal info such as my real name, phone number, and address when signing up for an account for an online casino?

A: Yes, be rest assured that the information given cannot be used in any malicious way against you. However, be on your guard against suspicious online casinos as they might not pay you if they find out the information you provided is not real.


Q: When gambling online through a computer or an electronic device, I am not under surveillance by the casino personnel. Would this mean that it is easier to count cards or that I am able to use algorithms or software on the internet to aid me in making choices especially in games like Blackjack?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can play with the aid of software to help you make decisions as well as counting cards. However, most of the casinos that operate online will shuffle the cards every round, which renders the point of counting cards useless.


Q: Can I be sure that the casino games are not tweaked to be favoring them?

A: Well-known casinos will frequently be subjected to auditing and examinations. Before deciding which online casino to use, check out its auditing history to make sure that it is under proper regulation from trusted firms.


Q: Promotions done by casinos have betting requirements included. Why is that so?

A: Without betting requirements, everyone could just deposit some money and just play a few hands, then withdraw the money along with the bonus. The casino would lose huge amounts of money if this were to happen.


Q: Is there a timer for every hand when playing online?

A: Casino games in general are mostly single player games. This means that you can take all the time you wish to decide. When playing with other players, time will be limited for each hand.


Q: Will the money that I earn from online gambling be taxed?

A: Yes. The money that you won from online gambling is subject to taxes but varies with your local jurisdiction.


Q: After winning a huge sum of money, should all of it be withdrawn in one go? How will my taxes be affected by this?

A: It is entirely up to you whether you prefer to withdraw it all at once or bit by bit. Your taxes will not be affected as these winnings are not reported.


Q: Why is free money given through welcome bonuses by casinos?

A: The whole point of this is to get more players interested. Requirements are attached to these bonuses to make players gamble a certain amount of times.


Q: How are no deposit bonuses profitable for casinos?

A: A huge proportion of casinos usually make it a prerequisite for players to deposit and fulfil certain conditions in order to withdraw money.


Q: Is it possible that even when I haven’t done anything against the rules the casinos still slow down my payments?

A: Unfortunately, yes. This is due to the lack of regulations against casinos when it comes to the way they pay their players.


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