918Kiss Review

918Kiss Review

918Kiss Review 

918kiss review

The trending topic this month is 918Kiss Review. The online casino has gone viral because it has just been revealed that 918Kiss has hit the 100,000 concurrent player count this month. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the hardworking developers of 918Kiss for this massive achievement. So, what makes 918Kiss such a good online casino? We are here to find out:

First, we look at the games. 918Kiss draws all of their games from trusted partners, some examples of online software providers which had partnered up with 918Kiss are: pussy888, mega888, sky777, ace333, rollex11, playboy and more. Players are certainly familiar with these names, they are some of the top-rated and top-ranking online software providers available in Asia and Europe. With such a great selection of sources for games, it is no wonder that all of the games that 918Kiss offers seem to have consistently good quality. The amount of games available on 918Kiss is seriously massive, it took us almost a full week just to check out all of the content in the 918Kiss slot games category. 918Kiss seems to have struck a balance between the quantity and quality of their games, a rare feat for modern online casinos.

Some examples of our favourite slot games which we had checked out include: Football Carnival, a football festival themed slot game. The slot game seems to be a celebration of football culture from all over the globe, and it is such a joy to play and explore all the interesting countries that have participated in the world cup. Also, everyone reading this should enjoy a game called “Ocean King 2” which is an online fish shooting game. The game features lots of variety of fishes as the target. Players are supposed to shoot them up with a special cannon or gun. Each different fish rewards a different amount of points to the player.

Besides that, Forest Dance Game is also another interesting, wheel of fortune style slot game that features cute animals in outer space! The Halloween Fortune Slot is both spooky and fun, the visuals are interesting and appealing, we actually won some money there just by using the free credits that 918Kiss offered us through the welcome bonus promotion. 

Last but not least, we look at the security of the online casino. We had our technical team looked and probed at the site and their conclusion is that 918Kiss is perfectly safe to play. There are no holes in the transaction and banking system of the online casino which the team could exploit, and the 918Kiss mobile app features the latest authentication system, making it almost impossible for hackers to steal accounts or identity. The rules and regulations at 918Kiss are strict, this is to prevent both the players or the casino from being exploited. You can tell that 918kiss really takes the security of their site very seriously just from them alone.

All in all, 918Kiss has all the good traits that a trusted online casino should have and more. It is really the perfect site to go-to for the ultimate gaming experience, we rate it five out of five stars. If you are interested in joining the 918Kiss family, you can register an account today by downloading the 918Kiss app through your mobile play store or visit 918kisses.my to download the app for manual installation.

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