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When people talk about gambling games, they usually talk about the more famous ones, the ones that are easy to pick up, the ones that are universally loved, respected for serving as a game that is both casual and challenging, such as Poker, Baccarat, Fishing games and Roulette. The point here is that there exists one game that does not get talked about enough, and that it’s called slot games, or more commonly, slot machines. See, slot games are almost too simple, it does not require much effort to play, or strategizing skills, there’s no mind games, body language, deceit, there is no opponent except playing against fate and luck — however, that is precisely why we love slot games so much. For the latest news, guides and reviews that are related to casinos and gambling culture around the world, you have come to the right place. ‘We’ are a group of writers, journalists, and on top of it all, slot games enthusiasts that had come together to form a team of 36 people, all from different cultural backgrounds, to start and maintain a blog dedicated for slot games. We cover everything, the comings and goings, the ins and outs, every nook and cranny that is related to both online and offline slot games, we do this because we have noticed that not many people are doing it, it’s a small yet significant gap in the gambling community that we have decided to fill. Every casino we visit, no matter the region, culture, or climate, there is an abundance of slot games of large variety, they are the most attractive and attention demanding sight that welcomes a visitor at the casino entry, yet the discussion that surrounds it is miniscule, largely ignored and deemed to be unimportant. Therefore, we have made a decision to spark a discussion and hopefully form a new sub-community in the gambling scene, this blog is our main tool to reach our goal. 

In the casino industry, slot machines are typically referred to as a video game due to its gameplay nature — the player sits in front of a screen and pulls the slots. Some may call it a bad thing, but the simplicity of it all is what we find so addictive. Slot games require no brain work, it is the most relaxing thing to do at the casino aside from having a drink at the bar. Slot games require no communication, and this proves to be the most suitable form of entertainment for introverts such as ourselves. We do not like having to socialize and make small talk while trying to focus on our game, it takes us out of the experience. Slot games are immersive due to its various visual and audio themes, slot machine manufacturers and slot games providers design them like this so that the games never let the players’ attention wander away. The cultural significance of slot games is just as important as more prominent forms of gambling such as, say, Poker. For example, the 90’s hit TV show wheel of fortune uses slot machines to decide whether the players go into a bonus round, in fact, the wheel itself is also a form of slot machine. Players gamble against luck and, to a lesser degree, mother nature itself such as the force of gravity and friction.


In our blog, we travel across the world to visit different casinos and review their slot machines. We work hard and we love our jobs because most of us grew up playing slot games, so this task has always been instinctive to us. In our reviews, we will cover the ease of accessibility, state of jackpots, quality of machine, availability, and variability. Furthermore, we also include technical aspects such as design and functionality, gameplay mechanics, theme, visuals, and audio effects.  You can check out our ranked list of casinos or look through our recommendations to find out our favorite spots to spend a buck or just hangout. We also rank online casinos as well, we try out different apps every week to see which online casino has the best and most interesting slot games out there in the online market. For newcomers in the gambling scene, we hope that we can somehow serve as a guide to show you around and help you decide which platform to play on. We will also provide videos of us actually trying a few rounds on the slot machine to serve as an example. We interview casino patrons and gambling experts to ask about their opinion on slot games and the current state of the gambling scene. We write about the latest news and updates on slot machines, for example, when a new game is introduced or a game-changing mechanic has been discovered. We work hard to bring news in the form of writing or videos, our interviews are well-prepared and comprehensive, you can check them out for yourselves in our news tab.


Have any questions about us? Want to know more? For more information, we are always ready to have a chat with our beloved readers. Visit the contact us page to find out ways to reach out to us, whether it be through email, whatsapp, wechat or live chat, we will always try our best to answer any questions about gambling or our jobs. If you too, like us, are extremely passionate about gambling and wish to help out with our projects, interviews or writing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our requirements are simple, that you are love slot games as much as we do. You do not have to be very knowledgeable about slot games, or just gambling as a whole, we will always welcome newcomers. We provide training, education, and promotion. Our goal has always been to spread useful knowledge and raise awareness, everything we write and publish, we do it with the readers’ interests in mind.