Approved Online Casinos in Malaysia

Approved Online Casinos in Malaysia

Approved Online Casinos in Malaysia

Online casinos are the new wave, many players are shifting to playing in an online casino rather than visiting a land based casino because online casinos are just easier to access. No matter where the player is at they can simply pull out their phones and start gaming, this is definitely impossible back in the days where the internet is just not that prevalent. Besides that, there are also more options to choose from in the online world. Not only are there more online casinos to visit, there are also more online games to play as well. The quality of these games are amazing, they can rival that of the quality of some of the triple A titles released out there. Online casinos also have the power to connect all the players from around the world, the lobbies available in an online casino are limitless, so there is no queueing needed, it’s like magic. 


If you are a new player that had just chosen to start gaming online, choosing the right online casino to play at can be a real headache. The abundance of options available online can be overwhelming, lucky for you, the online casino community is here to help. You can read up on online reviews about a certain online casino to ascertain if they are reliable or not. To serve as somewhat of a summary, here is a list of online casino available in Malaysia that are approved by the Malaysian online casino community, be sure to check them out if you are interested:



First, Winclub88 is one of the approved online casinos in Malaysia and has one of the best live table experiences available on the internet, they focus on their streaming service so that their games can be as immersive as possible for their players. Players will be able to sit face to face with gorgeous and sexy ladies acting as the dealer, this will enhance the gaming experience, which is what the developers of Winclub88 had set out to do.



Regal88 is dedicated to bringing the players a  live table experience unlike any other, players at Regal88 are constantly impressed by the smoothness of the flow of their games and the flexibility of the rules of their games, after all, the streaming technology is state of the art.  The dealers at Regal88 are also highly professional, so the gameplay experience is guaranteed to be a satisfying one.



Next approved online casinos in Malaysia is BK8. BK8 is one of the most popular betting sites in Malaysia. BK8 not only serves as a trusted and reliable platform for sports betting, they also provide tons of other online entertainment ranging from slot games to fishing games. One of the top rated games is Mega888. Anyone that interested to know more about Mega888 can click into The site has a dedicated staff that writes match analysis, score prediction and betting tips and tricks so that new players can pick up sports betting from the get go. With football legend Robin Van Persia replacing ex-Chelsea captain John Terry as the brand ambassador for BK8, you can bet on the fact that the reputation of BK8 precedes them.



We love QQClub because they are so dedicated in bringing absolute satisfaction to their customers, no matter what demands or problems the customers have, they will surely address it instantly. They have a really commendable customer service team, and for that, the rating of the online casino is above average. The games at QQclub are not bad either, with slot games taken from sources such as PT slots, DT slots and SPGslots, they are certain to please fans out there.



Santa versus Rudolph is a new slot game available at Royal77, we tried it and it is the most hilarious game that we have played this year. Not only is the visual design of the game fun and interesting, but the gameplay design is also very addictive as well. Playing at Royal77, one can definitely expect this type of quality in the majority of their collection. We can say with confidence that not one day spent with Royal77 is wasted, players are not expected to get bored when they hang out there since the online casino is so good at curating their entertainment content to the taste of their fans.



ECLBET is another trusted betting site in Malaysia that can rival BK8 as the next best online casino in the country. ECLBET is constantly expanding their horizon by bringing new content to their site so that their fans will never run out of games to play. Serving as a betting platform aside, players can also stay entertained with ECLBET by checking out their slot games and other unique live table experiences. 



Slot game lovers will definitely have heard of 96slots, they are the most famous online casino that focuses on slot games in Malaysia after all. The best slot games are all here, from Playtech and 918Kiss to Spadegaming and Mega888, 96slots is your one stop destination to top quality content. The replay value of all of their slot games are off the charts, so expect to get addicted to the site for months and months on end.



KKslots is not the best place for slot games, but they are also an online casino that is considered to be above average due to the generosity of the online casino. The promotions and offers available at the site are of great abundance, every day players are eligible to claim tons of free cash and free credits. Playing at KKslots77 is almost guaranteed for the player to make a significant profit daily.



Dafabet is the most secure online betting site in Malaysia, it is certainly rare to encounter an online casino that invests so heavily in their security systems for the sole purpose of satisfying their customers. Players can bet on Dafabet without worry because breach of customer privacy and information are unheard of at the online casino. More online casinos should use Dafabet as an example because customer safety should always be placed as a higher priority than other aspects of an online casino.



Last but not least on the list, we have 12Bet which is one of the approved online casinos in Malaysia. 12Bet has a large amount of games and all of their games have an impressively consistent quality. The betting system at 12Bet is their most attractive feature, the deposit and withdrawal process at the site are an ease to go through. Their transaction speed is at a record high, it is no wonder that they are so popular among Malaysian gamers. After all, time is money, and one second spent waiting for transactions to go through instead of placing bets is precious money wasted.


So, do you like our list? Do not worry if you did not see your favorite online casino here, this is merely a short guide for new players out there to check out, it does not necessarily mean that whatever online casino that is not here is not approved. You can read our reviews of other online casinos to see how we think of them. Be reminded that if the online community has deemed that your favorite online casino should not be trusted, it is advised that you bail out of the site immediately. You should always value your own safety more than your entertainment, do not support shady online casinos that are not approved, this will only bring more harm than good to the online casino industry.



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