BK8 has a new official brand ambassador for 2019-2020

BK8 has a new official brand ambassador for 2019-2020

BK8 has a new official brand ambassador for 2019-2020


BK8 is an online gaming and sports betting platform based in Asia that is looking to expand their reach to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is with this ambition that they have secured a deal with the sensational footballing legend, Robing Van Persie, who has played for Netherlands, as well as for the English Premier League clubs, Manchester United and Arsenal FC. He is a prolific goal-scorer with a legendary status in football. This contract with BK8   enables them to use his image and name in the above-mentioned countries in order to get more people to join the online platform that BK8.com provides, in addition to creating more branded content and getting attention from the gaming and betting audience in these countries.


This deal was brokered by Mediapro Asia which is a broadcast and a marketing company, between BK8 and with Robin Van Persie for the year 2019 to 2020. This deal will see the popularity of BK8 going up as Robin Van Persie is seen as being one of the best strikers of the football in his entire generation. Van Persie had the following to say about the successful deal, “I am very happy and thrilled to be able to partner with BK8 in order to be able to promote their brand as the official brand ambassador in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, and I am eagerly looking forward to a successful alliance that will be mutually beneficial and that will help BK8 do whatever they have planned to further the brand that they’ve created.”


With many plans for expansion in the pipeline for BK8, this deal couldn’t have come at a better time, as this will help accelerate their expansion and build up the brand over the next year.


The manager of BK8, Mr Lawrance Wayneson, is ecstatic about the deal (as he should be), and he had this to say about it, “We at BK8 are extremely happy to have made this deal with Mr Robin Van Persie, and we are absolutely sure that this partnership will help our company in furthering the efforts that we have put into bringing sports enthusiasts into the gaming and sports betting industry. With the help of Van Persie, we want to expand the reach of BK8’s gaming offerings to new users as well.


BK8 is known in the past for having organised futsal competitions for the BK8 Cup, and has gotten good publicity for the same. With the new deal in hand, BK8 have ambitious plans to continue organising such events on a much larger scale. They also plan to take Robin Van Persie on a visit to Thailand and Indonesia in order to promote the company as well as the initiatives that it is taking to engage the sporting fan base.


The MD of Mediapro Asia had this to say about the deal, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a growing sports company in Asia as well as with one of the game’s most talented players.”



Cassandra Day