Horseshoe Casino is Reopening Soon But Only For Slots & Table Games

Horseshoe Casino is Reopening Soon But Only For Slots & Table Games

Horseshoe Casino is Reopening Soon But Only For Slots & Table Games

It’s been over 3 months since Horseshoe Casino Baltimore shut its doors temporarily.

Randy Conroy, the general manager, expressed his delight over the new development. According to him, he’s never experienced such boredom in the casino industry in his 20 years of experience.

And yeah, it was really boring, having casinos across Maryland and the rest of United States shut down for several weeks!

The shutdown became necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the globe. The social distancing rules (provided by the W.H.O) clearly stood against public gatherings. And since Casinos really pull much crowd on a normal business day, their activities have to be restricted to curb further spread of the virus.

Following the declaration of total lockdown, some casino handlers in Las Vegas had to scramble all over the place, in search of their keys, since there had never been a situation where they had to lock their 24/7 businesses in years!

The rain, the storm, and the wind had been so heavy, but gradually, they are subsiding. All thanks to the gradual ease of the lockdown in recent weeks.

Many casinos are gradually returning back to businesses, although not in their fullest capacities. The Idaho-based Coeur d’Alene Casino was the first to resume activities on May 1. Other properties in more than 20 states (including Nevada) followed suit on June 4.

In Maryland, many casinos (both the Live Casino and Hotels) will resume activities on Friday following the announcement made earlier this month by Gov. Larry Hogan. However, the statement clearly has it that the reopening casino facilities are only allowed to function at the capacity of 50%.

In a similar event, the Mayor of Baltimore, Bernard C. Young also declared on Friday that casinos will be allowed to resume at half capacity.

Just on Thursday – a day before Young’s statement – there were handwritings on the wall that soon enough, the casino industry will bounce back to normality…

…Mr. Conroy led some journalists on an inspection tour of the Horseshoe Casino which is bracing up to resume activities once it gets the go-ahead from authorities.

Conroy was able to display to newsmen, the level of preparation the Horseshoe Casino has put in place to start welcoming guests again. Some of the safety measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 within the casino are:

  •         The newly installed hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations,
  •         The socially distanced tables for blackjack,
  •         Fumigation and disinfection of the surface areas of the gaming halls.


By the time Horseshoe finally reopens, both workers and guests will be compelled to wear nose masks. Their temperatures will also be checked using thermal cameras. Anybody whose body temperature exceeds 100.3 degrees will not be granted access to the facility.

Moreover, there will be staff stationed at the entrance of the property to ensure that not more than 3,400 people (half of the 6,800-man capacity) will be allowed to enter the vicinity.

On the game floor, only half of the casino’s 2,100 slot machines will be allowed to be operational. In other words, players can only play have of the slot games. Moreover, slots that used to be cleaned twice a day will now be disinfected on hourly-basis.

Blackjack tables and other related games will also observe social distancing as required by authorities.

Finally, according to Conroy, Poker games won’t be available in the Horseshoe Casino (at the moment) because the room is filled with personal protective equipment and other cleaning tools.




Cassandra Day

Cassandra Day