Housewife duped out of RM6,150 in online gambling scam

Housewife duped out of RM6,150 in online gambling scam

Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam

Recently, a housewife duped out of RM6150 in online gambling scam, and the question about why it keeps happening is very important. Is it quite beneficial? Or are people simply addicted to gambling?

Online gambling has become much more rampant in many countries. The online casino sites seem to increase as the day goes by, and sometimes, you can easily lose track. However, the reason for so many online gambling sites isn’t far fetched, as there is a market for it. For example, one of the biggest sites known as Bet365 has over 15 million subscribers without any of the United States.

Although a large percentage of people are wary of online gambling, there are a few people who gain benefits. However, for further clarity, it is ideal to analyze both the pros and cons of online gambling properly.

Pros of Online Gambling

Online gambling is usually a risk and can come with different forms of issues. However, there are a few reasons why a lot of people do not mind taking the risk;

  • Convenience

Like it or not, a lot of people love to gamble. But, leaving their home to a casino or gambling house can be stressful. Also, a lot of people might not have time. However, with online casino sites, you don’t need to leave your home. Asides from how fun it is, the idea of making some money at home, without actually working for it, is amazing.

  • No Need For A Budget

Another real fact why a lot of people love online gambling is because it doesn’t require a budget. Think about it; anyone can gamble. As a matter of fact, some stakes can be as low as $10. Thus, you stand a chance of winning a lot of money, while investing only a little.

The Other Side To Online Gambling

Although these are all great reasons to gamble online, there is the possibility of running into rogue operators. Usually, a majority of online casino sites are safe and secure; however, using the internet is a risk. This is exactly what happened to the housewife, who was robbed of RM6, 150.

According to the Sidu OCPD Ass. Comm. Stanley, Jonathan Ringitt, the 38yr old housewife that duped out of RM6150 in online gambling scam, filed a police report on the 25th of April, 2019. According to her, she was contacted by a man on Facebook who introduced himself as an online casino operator. Their discussion involved the man telling her that she could get bonuses for every game she played.

Apparently enticed by the benefits, on the 12th of March, she transferred RM6, 150 to an account provided to her in hopes of getting her bonus. However, the account name belonged to a woman called Maria Anthony Paramasivan. After waiting a while, she was asked to transfer another sum of RM17, 000 to claim her bonus and a trip to Hong Kong.

It was at this point that she knew she had been scammed because she was yet to receive her first bonus. The case is currently being investigated, and hopefully, the perpetrators will be caught.

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Cassandra Day

Cassandra Day