Return to player rate (RTP) determines how much online casino players win overtime in a slot machine. The RTP however, is determined by a random number generator(RNG).


Every online casino aims to provide an experience just as real as playing in a brick and mortar casino. Some casinos like 918kiss provide a better experience than others.


There are several factors that help casinos achieve this goal – one of them is the efficiency of their Random Number Generator.



When you play in a casino, the excitement you feel is fueled by the risk involved. It’s either you win or lose your money, randomness is an important part of casino games.


Online casinos reproduce this feeling with Random Number generators.


The random number generator imitates real-life casino experience and gives the player the feeling they are in a shiny Las Vegas casino.


In this article, we will look at random number generators and how they affect return to player rates of a slot machine in an online casino. We are also going to look at why it matters to you as an online casino player.


What is a Random Number Generator?

A random number generator is a machine used in online casino slots that produce random numbers in a short time. They are used to determine results in a slot machine.


The random numbers generated by this software gives players the feeling of real-life online casino games.


The random number generator determines and displays the outcome of every single spin of the slot machine.


What is Return To Player Rate (RTP)?

Return to player rate which is commonly known as payout rate is the percentage of winning a slot machine will pay out in its lifetime.


The return to player rate of a slot machine is determined by numbers generated.


Online casinos have different RTP for their slot machines. The rate ranges from 92 to 98%. However, some online casinos have RTPs lower than 92%.


When a slot machine has an RTP of 92%, it means for every $1 put into the machine, the machine returns 92 cents.


But this is theoretical. If it works like this every time, no one would win any money. This is just a calculation of payouts by a single slot during its lifetime.


Sometimes you put in $50 and win $200, sometimes you put in $200 and win nothing. The return to player rate is just the payout rate of a single slot machine during its entire lifespan.


How random number generator affects return to player rates at 918kiss

You can win big playing the online slots in 918kiss. The random number generator used is fair and has been verified by third party regulators.


The RNG at 918kiss ensures a consistent Return to Player rate at 918kiss by picking a specific combination of numbers.


Most popular online slots generally have an RTP between 95 to 98%. If you want to win big, it is advisable to play a machine with an RTP lower than 95%.


The random number generator spits out the numbers that are used to determine the payout rate of any machine.


Automatically the amount you win in an online slot is determined by the numbers generated by the RNG. To download 918kiss APK, visit 918kiss app.


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