How to Play Like a Spartan in Mega888 | Saschinaonline

How to Play Like a Spartan in Mega888  | Saschinaonline

How to Play Like a Spartan in Mega888 | Saschinaonline


We are sure you all have heard of this quote, it is from the classic 2007 movie directed by Zack Snyder and based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller — “300”.


300 Tells the story of three hundred loyal soldiers from the Spartan army confronting the great Persian army in 479 BC. We love the energy of this quote, yelled by Leonidas, the leader of the army, as he kicked a messenger from Persian seeking to negotiate the conditions of the surrender of the Spartan army down a hell hole with all his might. It is the most appropriate reply the Spartans could come up with: screw your negotiation, we are here to win, and we are not retreating until we have taken every persian lives we can. The scene resonated with a lot of movie fans due to it being a sign of unrelenting force, a powerful release of pent up anger, and just a damn cool method of asserting dominance and power.


Online gamers certainly can learn a thing or two from the spartans, because it is only with dedication, commitment, and persistence of this degree for one to truly thrive in the online casino community. If you are a player who gives up easy, or loses your form after suffering a devastating defeat in a game of, say, live table poker, then we have bad news for you — you are just not meant to be, and you will never be truly outstanding in all the games you play.


With the release of the all new Spartan themed slot games, we are here to provide a comprehensive guide for you to play like a spartan and thrive no matter what slot game you choose to play.



Stay dedicated to the same slot game. If you do so, you will soon familiarize yourself with the slot game, then only you can excel in it. If you keep shifting your focus around, you might become the jack of all trades, but the master of none.



Discipline is key in not only slot games, but in every other online game available in the online casino market as well. Self-discipline means the ability to control one self, without it, you will start to lose yourself to the moment and make irrational decisions such as unreasonable bets.



Just like a miner mining for metal without persistence, you will never strike gold. If you give up halfway, you are also giving up every little chance of you potentially winning in the future. Keep on playing, and you will find that after the rain and the storm, sunshine and rainbows are just right around the corner.


Sparta is now available to play on Mega888, the most trusted and reliable online casino in Malaysia. You can start playing Sparta and test out what you have learned by downloading the Mega888 app today, available on both Apple and Google play store. Think like a spartan, and you will start winning like a spartan.


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Cassandra Day