Is It Possible To Hack Slot Machine in 2020?

Is It Possible To Hack Slot Machine in 2020?

Is It Possible To Hack Slot Machine in 2020?

For some understandable reasons, a lot of people ask if it is possible to HACK a slot machine.

Surprisingly in 2020, this question is topping the list of numerous questions players and newbies ask about the casino slot machines.

Now, you will agree with me that if one can easily hack a slot machine, then there will be lots of millionaires everywhere you go. Besides, the casino business will also be a huge joke.

If you ask a typical casino operator about the security level of their slot machines, they will obviously assure you that their machines are fool-proof and can never be compromised in any way by a hacker.

Well, why I won’t dispute that entirely, I will also point out that some decades ago, during the early days of the casino, a lot of vulnerabilities of slot machines were allegedly exploited by some geniuses in the game.

Are you willing to know how vulnerable slots used to be in the past and today?

Then join me on this, as I let you in on some crude facts…


  1. A) Hacking The Slot Machine In The Early Days

Back in the days when technology was poor, there are certain ways that proved successful in hacking the slot machine;


  1. Attaching A String To A Coin

This is hilarious but a simple trick.

Casino cheats back then would basically attach a rope(string) to a coin only to pull the coin back after a particular game session… With this trick, they were able to play as many times as they wanted WITH THE SAME COIN OF COURSE!

In other words, they played for free and probably won for free. Amazing right?


  1. The Use Of Magnets

In those analog days, magnets also worked perfectly against the consistency of slot machines. How?

By simply attaching a magnet to the machine, the reels would continue to spin till the player obtains a perfect combination, then they would remove the magnet and the reels would cease. And guess what? They’ve won!


  1. B) Hacking Slot Machines At the Initial Stages Of Hi-Tech

At some point, when the technology of slot machines got a bit advanced, an infamous slot hacker came into the picture! His name was Tommy Glen Carmichael.

His hacking strategies lasted for over 4 decades! How did he perform the miracle?


  1. The Monkey-Paw Strategy

This was the use of a guitar-like string to cause some havoc to the micro-switch in the machine.

He did this by attaching the device to a metal wand and inserting it through the air vent. Once the micro-switch is tripped, a jackpot is won!


  1. The Light Wand Strategy

After the “vulnerable” technology of micro-switches was improved to a sensor switch, Mr. Tommy Glen still had his way of trapping those sensors… What a genius!

However, after some successful run, he was caught and prosecuted. After serving his jail term, he turned over a new leaf and worked with authorities to develop a stronger defense for slot machines!


  1. C) Is It Possible To Hack Slot Machines Today?

Well, it is safe to say that it is impossible to scam a slot machine in 2020.

The introduction of the RNG; Random Number Generators – makes it difficult to hack slot machines in this present age.

Although some hackers seldom claim they can take advantage of the Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG), there has been little evidence to validate the claim.



While the RNG is highly effective in curbing any form of scam, hack or cheat, in the casino, the vulnerability of the PRNG is still there.

And while little has been done to prove the vulnerability of PRNG, nothing has been done to disprove it either. And a lot of experts claim they can monitor the game sequence and predict outcomes.

The question now is; Can you hack a slot machine?

No,  you can’t!

Cassandra Day

Cassandra Day