Is SCR888 Safe?

Is SCR888 Safe?

Is SCR888 Safe? (SCR888 Security Review) – 2019

If you happened to be one of the thousands of gamblers from around the world that have recently caught on to the online gambling hype, chances are you had at some point searching for good and reliable online platforms to participate in. A quick scan across google reveals dozens and dozens of colorful options such as websites, applications for IOS and Android and APKs for mobile devices, enough to make one’s head spin. Buried underneath all the options, is a somewhat obscure app called SCR888; and if you have stumbled across it while browsing, you might ask, is SCR888 really safe? Let us take a closer look:

SCR888 or 918Kiss is developed by a firm listed in Malaysia, which is where the majority of the app user comes from. It is a trusted platform because it has a large and majorly satisfied player base. Since the popularity of SCR888 has grown to the point that it has exceeded the developer’s expectations, the developing firm had decided to rebrand the app into 918kiss so that it can expand its market while simultaneously adapt to global preferences. Feedback from users consists of praise for the pleasant user interface and a substantial winning rate. Yes, you can earn money by playing, just like gambling in a casino, plus the entry fee is free too! The developers have deemed the application an “Online Casino” and it certainly looks as such. Once entered, the user is presented with an eyeful of different games, all of them competing for the user’s attention, and multiple lobbies each with different rules and stakes to select, — similar to the first sight that welcomes a visitor upon stepping into a casino. To commence betting, the player is required to deposit money. (If this is shocking to you, we welcome you to the world of gambling. Surprise, you need money to gamble.) The rate is RM1.00 = one in-game position. 


SCR888 is available for download on the IOS and Google Play Store. If you have trouble finding the article then click here for where to download SCR888. For the time being, SCR888 is not available on both services due to the strict rules, but interested users can still obtain the app by downloading it in apk form from the official website 918kiss apk Simply follow the instructions on the website on how to download and install the app into your mobile phone. Any concerns about the safety of the application can be inquired via whatsapp or wechat. The customer service is operated on a 24/7 basis, anyone who needs help would not have trouble seeking it. 


The key point is, SCR888 is as safe as any famous casino on earth, simply because it is constantly moderated. Plus, you have the extra advantage of staying anonymous while placing bets, something that is not feasible at all in real-life scenarios. The application takes the protection of its user’s privacy very seriously. If you don’t trust us, well, why not ask the other tens of thousands of players that are currently betting their hearts away on SCR888? We are sure that everyone who had tried the app would recommend it. You can also click here to check on our view on SCR888 Review


Good luck, and stay alert! Gambling is fun but always knows when to stop.

Cassandra Day