SCR888 Review

SCR888 Review

SCR888 Review (2020)

For curious gamblers out there looking for a good online casino to spend a buck or two, the sheer amount of choices available online can best be described as daunting. On google, we are greeted by pages upon pages of options listed for online casinos, it is simply impossible to choose one based on first impression alone — which is why we will try them out so don’t you have to. Here is our review for SCR888, an online casino developed by a firm based in Malaysia. 


The majority of users of SCR888 or 918Kiss comes from Southeast Asia, this includes Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and of course, Malaysia. The reason why it has two separate names is that during early stages of development, the popularity of SCR888 has grown to the point that it has exceeded the developer’s expectations, the developing firm had decided to re-brand the app into 918kiss so that they can expand their market while simultaneously adapt to global preferences. 



The reputation of 918Kiss in Southeast Asia is exceedingly good, it is one of the most well-known online casinos in the region, with more than 70% of online gamblers in Malaysia and Singapore alone reporting that it is their first choice when looking to engage in online gambling such as online poker. The user feedback for the app is also nothing but spectacular.



The application has a simple and user-friendly interface. The home page lists all the game modes that are available in the application, all of which are decorated to make them more attractive. The in-app navigation is mostly intuitive, and the music has just the right presence — not too loud or too subtle.



The app is available on both IOS and Google Play store. However, due to restrictions imposed by certain countries regarding gambling laws, the online casino is unavailable in several regions. It is a small problem though, as users can also access the casino by downloading the app in apk format at the casino’s official website.



SCR888 boasts total game modes of more than 150, ranging from card games such as Poker and Blackjack to electronic games such as slot machines and Bingo — that’s enough gambling for a lifetime! This type of variability is rarely seen in the mobile gaming industry and is certainly recommendable.



SCR888 is very generous in terms of bonuses. Users start to receive their bonus as soon as they register. Registration bonus aside, there are also a daily bonus, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses as well as numerous other events that are held by the casino such as Halloween specials and Christmas offers.


Banking Versatility

So far, users have not reported any trouble with money withdrawal or payment on the site. It is known to be fast, efficient and most important of all, secure. 


Privacy and Security.

The developers of SCR888 take user privacy very seriously. In the casino, users enjoy absolute anonymity so that they can gamble to their hearts’ content. The casino is also constantly regulated by admins so everyone is at their best behavior. Any suspicious event has the potential to get one permanently banned from the casino, the quality of the player base is very important to the reputation of a casino, after all. 


Overall, we rate SCR888 (or 918Kiss) a 9 out of 10 stars! So, did we help narrow down your choice? Let us know what you think once you’ve tried out SCR888! Download the app now at the casino’s official website:

Instructions to download SCR888 are on the website’s front page.


Cassandra Day

Cassandra Day