The More You Spin The Higher Chance Of You Getting A Jackpot, True Or False?

The More You Spin The Higher Chance Of You Getting A Jackpot, True Or False?

The More You Spin The Higher Chance Of You Getting A Jackpot, True Or False?


Many movies and TV shows have instilled the idea that in order to hit a jackpot, repeated spins on slot machines are required. They’ve painted quite a picture in the viewer’s heads where an individual keeps spinning the slot machines to win. The validity of this concept is in question and has been debated over since a long time.

In order to get to the answer of the question, we need to understand how slot machines work. The most vital feature of modern slot machines is their random number generator (RNG).


Random Number Generator

The RNG is basically a complex algorithm that selects a series of numbers that have an extremely large range. The range can go from an extremely minute number to one in billions. These numbers are being generated every millisecond and are not linked to the movement of the slot machine. The machine could be left unattended or played with but it would not make a different to the RNG function.

After the number generation takes place, it is divided and programmed into the slot machine. The number generated is then automatically linked to a stop in the slot machine. Stops are the symbols used on the reels of the slot machine which show up when the spin cycle ends. Stop symbols include cherry signs, blanks, dollar signs and more.

Due to the RNG function, each spin is independent of the other. It ensures that events occur randomly. It doesn’t matter if a slot paid recently or hasn’t in a while. So it does not mean the more you spin the higher chance of you getting a jackpot.

Even if it has been a while since the machine has given any big win, it doesn’t mean it will soon. The spin occurring later will be independent of the ones that happened before.


Different weights of stops in reels

To make sure that there are less chances of a big pay-out, the reels in the machine do not have equal weightage. Some stop signs have heavier weights as opposed to others. This decreases the chances of the same symbol appearing thrice and the increases the chance of odd symbols appearing.


Since RNG has debunked the myth in question, there are some ways to be strategic when playing with slot machine.


  1. Learn about the game

Players should make sure to go over guidelines of the game before they start to play. They should know how to go on about certain slots and read their reviews before hand.


  1. Managing finances

Players should make sure that they manage their financial position. They don’t want to be in a position where they lose out on so much money that their lives are affected. A certain budget should be maintained in order to reduce the chances of running into a loss.


  1. Be vigilant of payback percentages

When the machine is advertised by saying 95% payback, does not refer to the winning percentage. It merely means that the players should expect to lose 5% at an average, for each bet they place.  




Cassandra Day

Cassandra Day