Gamblers are paying more attention on the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia. The popularity of online casinos in Malaysia is on the rise, and it’s not just in this country either. In Thailand, Singapore, The Philippines — all across Asia, people are jumping onto the online bandwagon now more than ever, simply because there are certain advantages for playing online when compared to playing offline. One of the main advantages include ease of access, this is due to the fact that online casinos can be accessed from any mobile devices, from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and desktops, and at any time of day. The internet brings gamblers from all around the world together, with it, we have the means to play games with anyone from different time zones. The ease of access doesn’t stop here. Remember how we have to dress up all fancy-like before entering a real-life casino due to strict rules and regulations, this is all in the past now because an online casino offers a degree of freedom for customers that is never before seen in the gambling world. No matter where we are, whether it be having a picnic outdoors with the family, or lazing around on the bed wearing pajamas at midnight, we can quench our gambling thirst by launching an online casino app on the phone and start gambling away, this would have been impossible a decade ago when the Internet of Things has yet to become a prominent feature across the globe. Top 10 online casinos in Malaysia.

Furthermore, due to the sheer competitiveness of the casino industry, online casinos have to ramp up their bonuses and prize pool just to stand out among the abundance of competition out there. This scenario is certainly advantageous for us users, everywhere we go, everywhere we sign up, there are certain bonuses to be gained, it is, without exaggeration, a massive bonanza! Be it registration bonus, event bonus, top-up rebates, deposit rebates or others, free cash is always a click away, as if the entire industry has gone mad, what a time to be alive for enthusiastic and casual gamblers alike. However, it is of utmost importance that we be aware and take care that we, as consumers, do not get blindsided by all these offers and fall for cheap scamming tricks in the online casino industry. A consumer must always consider carefully all the features and aspects of an online casino before deciding to sign up and participate in one, a veteran online gambler can spot a good online casino immediately, but what about a beginner, a casual player that has just started out their online career recently due to the hype? 

This is where we come in, we have decided to create a ranked list for the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia to serve as a helpful guide for you folks out there. If you want to join an online casino but you don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place:





Starting off the list at number ten we have 96slots. 96slots is one of the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia. It is an online casino that features live casino games, sports betting, poker, and fishing games. It is run by 96cash, one of the best online casino in Malaysia designed to provide a safe space for online betting for fellow Malaysians. 96Slots is trusted and reliable as it is accredited by PAGCOR. The casino has huge bonus payouts, big slot machine jackpots, great odds for sports betting, exciting mini-games and more! Some of the bonuses include a welcome bonus, reload bonus and the recently introduced Halloween Treats Giveaway. At 96slots, the fun never stops.




With amazing themed slot games such as Monopoly Live, Side Bet City plus John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure, kkslots777 is certainly the home of online entertainment for gamers all across Malaysia, created to be the one-stop destination for all your favorite online slot games. The slot games are fun and addictive while the poker games are challenging yet highly rewarding. Providers of the online casino are reliable and famous for creating exquisite content, they include Playtech, Gameplay Interactive, AsiaGaming, and 918Kiss (SCR888). Customer service is great and the bonuses are eye-catching, without a doubt, kkslots777 is run by enthusiasts who are passionate about online casino.




Next, one of the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia is Ibet6888. It is not limited to sports betting games, though it is indeed their main attraction, it serves as a great destination for online casino games, slot games, and 4D lottery as well. With providers such as Maxbet, AsiaGaming, and Playtech, the games are always a hit and never a miss on Ibet6888. Sports betting enthusiasts will be amazed by all the options they have on the sports betting category, this includes virtual sports and esports as well. Win huge bonuses by signing up for their live casino or by depositing on their sports betting platform and win free cash rebates and betting credits. 




ECLbet is an online betting and casino games platform that is available for both Malaysians and Singaporeans. Currently, the casino is working to expand their market to Thailand and Indonesia as well. On ECLbet you can bet on traditional sports, virtual sports, and, of course, e-sports. Anyone that had signed up with ECLbet will know e-sports has always been their main attraction, aside from their other live casino games. ECLbet provides an easy route to start sports betting right away, breaking it down to four easy steps that are: sign up, deposit, transfer and withdraw. Start winning money with ECLbet today! 




Betting has never been easier and more rewarding with Royal77, one of the best online casino in Malaysia in 2019. It serves as both a sports betting site and a wonderful resource for online entertainment ranging from the lottery to slots, live casino games are aplenty on Royal77 and the only troublesome part is when the player has to choose which games to spend their time on. Join in on their battle of the elite poker tournament to claim your place as the number one online poker player in Malaysia, large sums of money are waiting for you to win. Each other activities on the casino also offer exclusive bonuses for the player to enjoy, which is why the site is loved by many.




Variability has always been Winclub88’s strongest features, the abundance of game modes on the online casino is enough to make a person drool uncontrollably. Sports betting aside, the online casino also offers exciting fishing games, lottery, slot games, adventure games and many, many more. Customers can choose to visit this online casino on a browser or through mobile applications.  Once entered, one would immediately realize that it is a wondrous dreamscape for people of all ages looking for a place to spend their free time, a bunch of people flock in just for their quick payouts and exceptional customer service. Providers include SCR888 and Playtech.




Backed up by providers such as Evolution Gaming, 918Kiss (SCR888), Playtech and many more, QQclub is nothing less than a paradise of quality content.  The site boasts an enormous player base across the country, averaging at tens of thousands of spins in their slot games and bets on their multi-category sports betting platform per day due to its endless attraction and promotion for players. The welcoming bonus alone in the online casino has racked all the way up to 388MYR, and the fortune wheel spin offers a jackpot up to 500MYR.



Bolaking BK8

Bolaking is well known across the entire country as the top source for online betting and gambling with frequent and attractive turnover bonus up to thousands of ringgit. It is one of the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia. Whether you’re looking for live poker, slot machines, fishing games, lottery or just any other type of online gambling, look no further than BK8. BK8 is also in affiliation with 918Kiss or Mega888, one of, if not the best, online software providers in not only Malaysia but quite possibly the entire Asian continent. You can check out (SCR888) or for details about the relationship between the provider and the online casino. Special promotions await!




The only thing better than playing online games and winning big prizes plus special promotions is playing online games and winning big prizes plus special promotions WITH a bunch of sexy ladies. At Euwin, it’s all about the experience, immersion, elegance, addiction, the craze. The folks at Euwin certainly know how to have fun, and they want you to join in on the fun too. After all, the more the merrier. Euwin offers live casino games, fishing games, poker, and sports betting.




Lastly, one of the top 10 online casinos in Malaysia is Regal88. It’s no surprise that Regal88 would claim the number one spot in our list of top 10 online casino in Malaysia due to its influence, reliability, and quality of games, customer service plus application design. Looking at the current jackpot displayed on the homepage of the casino’s official website alone is shocking enough; check this out: more than 17 million MYR up for grabs, the amount is unbelievable. At Regal88, the fun doesn’t just permeate the air, it explodes, risk-free betting sessions on all hours of the day, 24/7 customer service, free registration that comes with a welcoming bonus, and many more. Sign up now or risk getting left behind, it’s a no-brainer for any gambling enthusiasts out there in Malaysia. 


How is it? Did you check out what we recommended, did you find our list to be helpful? Check out the reviews tab for more in-depth reviews of online casinos in Malaysia. 



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