Top 10 Online Software Providers In Malaysia

Top 10 Online Software Providers In Malaysia


Quick question: in which continent does the online casino industry have the highest market growth rate? If your answer is Europe, tough luck, it’s Asia, where the largest community of gambling enthusiasts resides. This might be explained by the fact that Chinese people have a passionate relationship with gambling embedded into their culture, furthermore, their influence on the various other races around them are certainly noticeable as well, this is especially true in multicultural countries such as Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are various online casinos and their respective online software providers available. To serve as a guide for the less experienced gamers out there in Malaysia, we have decided to list the top 10 online casino software providers in Malaysia.

Top Trend Gaming

Number 10 on the list is Top Trend Gaming, online gaming pioneer as proven by major Asian operator websites. Top Trend Gaming is what we talk about when we talk about popular online casino games in Asia. They seem to make providing viral slot games to the asian market look like a walk in the park, simply because they are so reputable and focused on their vision to dominate the online casino market in Asia. Top Trend Gaming is not interested in making run on the mill slot games, all of the games they provide are flavored, unique and rich in themes regarding various cultures in Asia, such as Mad Monkey, Dragon Palace, Fu Star, among countless others. 

Gold Deluxe

Gold Deluxe is also known as GD platform, a reputable source for online gambling games in Asia run by a Chinese company. The target customer of Gold Deluxe has always been the Chinese community in various Asian countries, but this does not mean the provider sets out to alienate other communities as well. In fact, the Philippines’ based branch now has more than a hundred employees all working together to re-brand Gold Deluxe as a more inclusive online games provider that boasts a larger, more diverse player base. So far it’s working, as the reputation of Gold Deluxe has been boosting at a satisfying rate ever since its inception in 2011. The most popular games that are currently available now on Gold Deluxe have to be both the traditional baccarat and sexy baccarat. 



If you’ve been to an online casino, you’ve seen Microgaming. Microgaming is a provider based in the United Kingdom that provides quality online games for online casinos worldwide. Microgaming does not only create original games such as Playboy Online Slots and Lost Vegas, but branded games as well such as Jurassic World and Game of Thrones. The branded games are rare as licenses are difficult to come by in the online casino industry, but this difficulty does not pose a challenge for an international and accredited provider such as Microgaming. The developers and Microgaming are a hardworking bunch as they churn out hot new game releases on a monthly basis, now that’s worthy of salutation! 


Asia Gaming

Contrary to what is implied by the name, Asia Gaming does not only focus on the Asian market for online gaming industry, but other regions such as Europe as well. Asia Gaming Euro, or AG Euro for short, works as an expansion effort by Asia Gaming to build live casinos in Malta and provide exclusive benefits for both Europe and Asia markets alike. Asia Gaming sets out to provide an immersive and secure experience for all players of their games by providing games that employ ‘out of the box’ creative thinking and 24/7 surveillance on all their platforms, here on our site, we do appreciate this kind of professionalism from a software provider.



When trying out online games from Gameplay (also known as Gameplay Interactive), players will be impressed by just how engaging their online games can be. Gameplay Interactive is an impressive and innovative online software provider that aims to give players the most immersive experience with P2P games such as SuperBull and DominoQQ, all featuring in-game 3D rendering and cinematic action. 



From Golden Fist to Heroes, SpadeGaming had been hitting a streak with all these exciting, action-packed new releases this year. It is one of the most respected online software providers in Malaysia, certainly for a reason. Designing top-tier games aside, SpadeGaming also plays an important role in promoting responsible behaviour in the online gaming community, especially around parts of Asia. For a taste of just how different their games can be, watch the trailer for HEROES on their official website now. We are very excited, are you?



Allbet is also known as Allbet Gaming Group or AGG, it is a provider that is fairly new to the online software market, having only arrived on the scene in 2014. However, the company’s experience with creating online games far exceeds its lifespan, as members of the product and service team are all handpicked from the industry. Allbet boasts a talented and focused staff, their competitive spirit and upholds of credibility is what makes them a shining example among its competitors. Allbet does not allow itself to be limited by narrow vision and does its absolute best to abide by international standards so that they can expand their market beyond Asia.



Uniformity of products has always been Playtech’s most prominent feature and the very source of its success in today’s online casino market. With the introduction of Playtech One, the company has established a standardized format for all their customers to enjoy their service through the implementation of pioneering innovative technology. According to the company’s philosophy, customers should be able to enjoy the same level of entertainment regardless of which content they are into, and which platform or mobile device they choose to be on. Operator results speak for themselves, and the secret formula for the ultimate gaming experience might just lie on Playtech’s hands.




With great offers comes a great online casino experience, Maxbet is an online software provider in Asia that just will not stop creating specialized and attractive offers for their customers. There are event promotions, cashback and exclusive betting guides available on Maxbet, which makes it easier for them to draw customers in from all across the continent. Maxbet is also known as Sbobet, they are now available in various different languages including Malay, English, and Thai. This is a company that understands how to be inclusive of all their targeted customers that come from different cultures and backgrounds.



It would be ridiculous to write a ranked list of online software providers in Malaysia without name dropping the most prominent force of them all that is 918Kiss, recently rebranded as SCR888. Click to know more about 918kiss. It takes the number one spot on this list due to it being a combination of all the positive traits mentioned in the articles above. It provides a secure platform for online gamblers to gamble without worry, it provides entertaining games that are both addictive and rewarding, it provides special offers and attractive prizes for all their patrons, and last but not least, it possesses a large arsenal of some of the most exciting online games that have ever been released in Malaysia. You can check up where to download SCR888 here 


This might not be the definitive ranked list for online software providers in Malaysia, but we hope it can serve as a helpful guide for beginners looking to get into the world of online gambling but is overwhelmed or confused by the abundance of options out there. When we review a certain online software provider, we cover aspects such as customer demands, customer service, quality of games and many more. How well a provider adapts itself to shifts in market demand is a good representation of the provider’s competitiveness and competence. Customer service is also important as it serves as a definitive proof for how reliable a provider is; a provider that is unresponsive to customer’s wishes and questions shows signs of a sinking ship. The current standard for customer service in the online casino market includes services that are available on multiple platforms 24/7 and easy to access. The quality of games is a tricky aspect to review as the quality is subjective — certain themes in games can be seen as lackluster to some and immersive to others. However, through market research and survey, we can have a proper understanding of what truly holds as ‘good’ quality to the majority. Since 918Kiss checks off all the aspects that we deem as positive in our list, we have decided to rank it number one on the list, but take note not to take this list as the definitive guide to the online casino market as tastes tend to vary. You should always understand and follow your own taste so that you can pick the best online games to play and entertain yourself. 


We hope that through ranked lists and reviews, we can create a certain continuous competition among online casinos that is both aggressive and healthy so that all online software providers in the industry can strive for positive improvisation and improvement. Only when all online casinos realize the importance of balancing out between quality and quantity, will the online casino market truly thrive. This is especially important in countries such as Malaysia where the gambling community has yet to land a solid foothold in the region due to conservative thinking or simply lack interest. We understand that live casinos in Malaysia can be a rarity and it is through the online platform where the public can expose themselves to the culture that surrounds gambling and where gambling games can truly prosper. We truly hope this ranked list can serve its intended purpose and reach out to the intended readers,  For more helpful information, visit our reviews page for a more in-depth review of each online software provider listed above.

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