One of the finest tournaments in European football is the men’s UEFA Euro 2020. A great entertainment is expected to be provided by the competition to viewers all around as the matches are now being played in more countries now and sites such as Online Casino Review or SCR888 will not lack behind in providing competition footages. The contest now has more sauce and excitement to it as the qualifying stage has entered a really nail-biting phase. With many countries eyeing spots at the next stage, the expectation of an action-packed event is even higher. There is indeed to look forward to in the qualifying stage. Indeed, the odds are likely to favour the home countries that would be hosting the competition this year. We shall see what bets are needed to be placed in each match.


Netherlands To Trump Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland will try their luck when they visit the Dutch to maintain their winning percentage and chance in the competition. However, it just feels like the Dutch host possess too much strength in their squad and it would be really hard to penetrate at their home turf. As many might know Northern Ireland had their winning streak of four matches before they lost the streak to the mighty Germans in their last match. They will try to get back on their streak at Rotterdam. However, the kind of record the Dutch have over the Northern Ireland team seems like it could just remain a thought and nothing else. The Dutch would come in strong as they have already missed two of their big competitions. The overall bet is that the Dutch would win and that too under 3.5 goals.


Slovakia to Edge Over Wales

The title says it all, this would be the expectation when the Welshmen would pay the Slovaks a visit for their qualifying match. Wales have an on and off run at the qualifying match with a fifty percent winning ratio in their four matches. Gareth Bale would be the talking point of the match that is important to the context of the highly competitive group. However, Wales have beaten Slovakia group in their last meet up earlier this year but the poor form of the Welsh side would see them losing against Slovakia.


Russia to Topple Scots

It is rather unfortunate that Scotland have had a terrible run in this year’s qualifying stage. They have promised a lot but only manage to deliver two games out of six wins until now. Since they will be paying a visit to Russia who have been a side to look upon. The Russians are yet to concede a home goal and sitting at the top of the table comfortably. So far with only five goals in the six matches, the task to penetrate through the Russian defence seems to be a mere thought for Scotland. Russia are all set to get three points even though with no goals being conceded by them


England to Stand Out Against Czech Republic

England is expected to win all five matches when they play in Czech Republic. The English seem to be in a really outstanding form and maintain a 100% win ratio. England seem to be the favourites as they thumped the Czech in their last meetup. However, the Czechs have performed well at their home turf and you can expect a bit of resistance.


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Cassandra Day