What are the Odds?

What are the Odds?

What are the Odds?


When it comes to online gambling, many may only be here to play for fun, and that any victory or wins in  the game are a welcome windfall. In this sense, when we look deeper, what really are the odds of winning when players engage themselves in the online gambling world? What are the odds of anyone winning the popular casino games? Which are the games that gives you the best chances? What are the differences when a player decides to play the game via an online platform, as opposed to a live land casino? We are here to solve the mystery and provide with a guide to your next hunting for the best online live casino and online games with the best chances! 


Casino Odds Explained


First things first, when it comes to the odds offered by Canadian casinos, for example the casinopilot.ca, you should note that they do not exactly match up to the true probability of a particular outcome. The reason for this is that the platform uses a built-in mathematical advantage to the casino known as the house edge, which is expressed in the form of a percentage. The lower the number, the better it is for the player and the less advantage the casino has.


Having said, the games with a low house edge would include blackjack, even more so with some strategy gameplay. Online live casino and RNG blackjack games usually offer lower house edge, in comparison with a land casino. Therefore, if you are playing at a live land casino, you are at a slightly better position comparing to playing on an online casino. This is made possible with the high number of players on an online platform. 


What to Play?


How about one of the most popular casino games ever existed – the slots? Slots are different from table games and here the important thing to look for is the RTP – return to player. The RTP is a measurement of the betting percentage throughout the casino, that are returned to the players. Unlike the house edge, the higher the RTP in this case, the higher the likelihood of the player winning. 


As of many casino games, slots are, as usual, governed by chance and number generator which works at random. There is nothing much that a player can do to increase his/her chances of winning. However, what you can do is go for slots with an RTP of 96% or higher.


What about Live Casino? 


With a steep increase in numbers of online casino dominating the casino scene, here you will interact with a real live dealer through your computer/ mobile phone screens. Importantly, the result of the game is not controlled by the random number generator, but rather by the dealers themselves. What this does is that it adds a touch of authenticity that cannot be replicated by even the most sophisticated video poker or RNG blackjack game. Nonetheless, if we are talking about the winning odds, there are no particular benefit when we are comparing a live casino rather than an online casino. 




To be very honest, there isn’t a magic formula which will guarantee your victory for every game. If there is, it would certainly not be called ‘betting’ anymore! However, there are things that you can take note off to better increase your chances!


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