What is Slots Random Number Generator

What is Slots Random Number Generator

What is Slots Random Number Generator

Slot machines alone contribute a huge portion of the total income of a casino – up to 70%. This goes to show how popular this form of gambling is in the gambling industry. As times change and technology evolves, so do slot machines evolve too to keep up with the times. Back in the day, the older generation of slot machines were mechanical and utilizes physical reels. The modern slot machines of today uses advanced microchips that randomly lands the winning combinations on the reels by making use of Random Number Generator.


About Random Number Generator (RNG)

Casinos nowadays use only slot machines that use the RNG, which is basically a microchip that continuously generate numbers even when not in use. Numbers are generated up to a rate of multiple hundred billion times every second. It does not matter which type of slot it is, classic, video, or progressive, the reel position will be decided by the numbers that are generated.


When the button is pressed or the lever is pulled on the slot machine, the position of the most recently generated numbers will be shown as these random numbers correlate with the location of the reels of the machine. To put it simply, the RNG is a microprocessor and is the brain of the slot machine. The process of the RNG cannot be influenced by any external actions or factors and the numbers will always be randomly generated regardless of what the player does when playing. The payout ratio and hit frequency will be as set and will never deviate.


What are the functions of RNG?

The Slots Random Number Generator (RNG) will continuously generate random numbers non-stop from the moment the machine is powered. That is the RNG’s biggest function. Values will then be derived from the generated numbers and will then be translated into the various symbols on the machine reels. The RNG predetermines the result of every spin, thus the machine is both precise and unbiased.


Hit Frequency

How regularly the winning combination will be landed on a slot machine is shown by the hit frequency. When the hit frequency is lower, the less often winning combinations will occur. This leads many people to think that playing slot machines that have the highest hit frequencies will lead to the best outcomes, however, it might not be necessarily true. By looking at it from a mathematical perspective, the probability of winning the jackpot at a slot machine is one out of 27000. With a high hit frequency, the winning combo will be generated more frequently compared to those with low hit frequencies, however, the probability of hitting the spin button at the right moment to win the jackpot is still very unlikely.


Payback Rate

Payback rate is the payback percentage of the slot machine. The larger the sum of money put into the machine, the larger the rewards.


The Relationship Between Payback Rate and Hit Frequency

Slot machines each have different hit frequencies and payback rates. Slot machines that have a higher hit frequency are often known as “loose”, and these machines do not have a high payback percentage. Meanwhile, slot machines that have a low hit frequency are called “tight” and the payback percentage will be higher than the “loose” machines.


It is generally agreed that playing a tight machine is better than a loose one as higher payback percentage is better than higher hit frequency.


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